Recipe Video: Super Food Green Smoothie with Workout Hotel

Recipe Video: Super Food Green Smoothie with Workout Hotel

I had the pleasure of filming this video with Karen Vizueta of Workout Hotel at the YouTube studios in NYC. Karen is a fantastic workout instructor who teaches some of my favorite workout classes, and has an awesome YouTube channel with videos that are perfect for squeezing in at at home workout. This Super Food Green Smoothie is packed with nutrition, and an excellent way to start your day. Its also toddler friendly, and a great way to sneak a bunch of healthy ingredients into picky kids. Just omit the matcha powder for any little ones- they have enough energy as is!

Serves 1 (easily doubled)

Total Time: Less than 10 minutes

·      Protein packed

·      Gluten free

·      Dairy free

·      Matcha is a high quality green tea powder that provides a boost of energy, is packed with tons of antioxidants, and actually increases your metabolic rate while you exercise, thus enhancing weight loss.

·      Spirulina is a blue-green alga that provides protein, boosts gut health, and helps your body convert fat into energy.

·      Collagen provides protein and helps keep your joints strong and flexible.

·      You can keep nearly all the ingredients in your freezer for a healthy boost anytime.

·      Coconut water provides electrolytes for hydration, pre or post workout.


·      1 banana (frozen for a thicker smoothie consistency)

·      1 handful spinach (fresh or frozen)

·      1-inch piece of ginger, peeled

·      ½ cup oat milk (can use almond, coconut, flax, or any milk of your choice)

·      ½ cup coconut water

·      1 teaspoon ground Matcha powder

·      1 teaspoon spirulina powder

·      2 scoops collagen powder




1.    Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. Enjoy immediately.


Recipe Notes: You can add ½ cup frozen berries or frozen acai puree for a sweeter smoothie. For a low-sugar option, swap the frozen banana for frozen cooked cauliflower.

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