Moroccan Spiced Red Lentil Dip

This delicious and decadent tasting dip is savory, smoky, sweet, and delicious on everything from crackers to sandwiches to roasted vegetables. Lentils are a protein powerhouse, packed with fiber, iron, and compounds that help stabilize blood sugar and lower cholesterol. 

Creamy Corn & Tomato Pasta {Gluten Free & Vegan}

Take advantage of the last bit of summer while you can! This easy & healthy recipe makes the most of late summer corn and tomatoes, and you won’t even guess it’s both gluten free & vegan- it tastes that delicious! This dish also holds super well as leftovers, making it the perfect recipe to double up on for packing school or work lunches during the week.

Vegan Quinoa Risotto with Roasted Tomatoes & Pesto

The traditional Northern Italian dish risotto dates back to the 1800s and is loved the world over for its rich, creamy texture and comforting flavor profile. Typically made with rice, broth, and lots of delicious parmesan and butter, this dish is incredible but hard pressed to make a health food list.

This adapted version, made with gluten free quinoa and a clever creamy dupe made with pureed beans, hits all the same profile and texture notes without any of the health pitfalls. This recipe is both vegan and gluten free and can easily be made your own with the addition of grated parmesan, sautéed shrimp, or additional vegetables. Quinoa and beans are both excellent sources of soluble fiber and protein, making this recipe especially filling and satiating. 

Spanish Green Gazpacho

Bright, refreshing, and perfect for a hot summer day, this bracing green gazpacho is just the thing when the temperature rises. With roots dating back to Roman times, traditional Spanish gazpacho uses stale bread, vinegar, oil, and salt, with varying fruits, vegetables, herbs, and garnishes. 

This green version forgoes the common tomatoes in favor of cooling cucumbers, grapes, and green apple, for a refreshing and restorative starter or main. Cucumbers are especially hydrating, as they’re comprised of over 95% water. They also support heart health and lower inflammation in the body. 

Turkish Baked Eggplant

This classic Turkish dish revolves around a handful of simple ingredients, making their quality of the utmost importance. Good quality extra virgin olive oil makes all the difference here, both in the flavor of the recipe and in your health. 

Olive oil contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and also keeps your hair, skin, and nails in tip-top shape. Eggplant is high in fiber, potassium, and B vitamins, while being low in calories. It also contains a special flavonoid which has been found to help lower blood pressure. Serve this dish with a lightly dressed green salad and a loaf of crusty bread to soak up all the delicious saucy flavors. 

Strawberry Pink Peppercorn Smash

Summer strawberries have arrived in our little garden and I couldn’t be more excited. This bright cocktail comes with a spicy kick, thanks to a simple homemade pink peppercorn infused simple syrup that’ll take your at home cocktails to a whole new level. Make these with whatever berries you have available.

Summer Pea Crostini with Burrata & Mint

Perfect for cocktail hour with a glass of cold rosé, or as a light summer lunch or dinner alongside a green salad, this bright and fresh crostini will quickly become a summer standby in your kitchen. You can prep all the ingredients in advance, and assemble at the last minute, for effortless entertaining.

Raw Vegan Pad Thai

In the heat of the summer, nobody wants to heat up the kitchen. This quick & easy raw vegan pad Thai will keep you cool and healthy all summer long. Packed with nutritious and hydrating vegetables, and dressed in a creamy and decadent tasting dressing, this recipe will have you glowing and full of energy, and let you skip the greasy takeout when a craving strikes.

Watermelon Tequila Agua Frescas

This super simple and quick summer cocktail barely merits a formal recipe. Juicy summer watermelon and tangy lime serve as the perfect vehicle for a delicious tequila cocktail, ideal for hot summer nights. Make up a big batch of these for your next summer gathering- they’ll be the hit of the party!

Vegan Vietnamese Noodle Bowls with Almond Butter Sauce

These delicious noodle bowls are a deconstructed version of the classic Vietnamese summer rolls. Traditional nut butter dipping sauce is used here to dress fiber-rich brown rice vermicelli noodles, and offset with hydrating cucumbers, detoxifying radish, and digestion-boosting pickled shallots. Mushrooms provide a meaty stand-in for traditionally used shrimp, and provide a boost of vitamin D to help support your immune system. Special enough to serve for company, this recipe also keeps well in the fridge, making it ideal for meal planning or to pack for lunch.

Greek Summer Vegetable Bake

This classic Greek dish typifies the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Chock full of healthy vegetables, good fats from extra virgin olive oil, and antioxidant-rich oregano, this comforting Greek casserole makes for an easy and delicious vegan meal. 

A plant-based diet, even in smaller doses, has been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease, lower your bad cholesterol, and your risk of type 2 diabetes. To round out this dish, just add a crusty loaf of bread, a bright green salad, a handful of olives, and a hunk of Greek feta drizzled with more extra virgin olive oil.

Italian Panzanella Salad

Necessity is the mother of invention, and this classic Italian dish comes out of the need to use up stale bread. Originating in Tuscany, panzanella traditionally combines cubed stale bread with juicy tomatoes, vinegar, olive oil, and sometimes onions and basil. This summery version of the original celebrates the flavors of summer, and features sweet corn, caramelized red onions, and creamy mozzarella for a dish that’s sure to please. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which helps protect your eyes and skin from the sun- all the more reason to enjoy them in the summer months.

Vegetarian Swedish Meatballs

This vegetarian twist on the classic Swedish meatballs is a wonderful alternative that still hits all the flavor high-notes of the original. Meaty mushrooms and protein-rich lentils form the base of these meatless meatballs, which pair deliciously with creamy mashed potatoes, bright cucumber salad, and rich mushroom gravy. 

Homemade Pasta

There’s nothing more delicious than a big bowl of homemade pasta. Don’t let the bit of extra effort deter you; while time-consuming, homemade pasta is not difficult to make. With a little practice, it’ll become your new go-to for entertaining, special occasions, and getting any little ones involved in the kitchen. The dough comes together in just a few minutes, then after a quick rest, you’re ready to press it and cut it into whatever pasta shapes you like. You can even turn this same recipe into homemade ravioli (you’ll find simple tutorials online).

Strawberry Frosé

This frosty, boozy treat is just the thing to keep you cool this summer. Like your favorite childhood slushy, but with a grownup twist, this recipe blends frozen rosé wine with frozen strawberries for the ultimate in cool cocktails. Blend up a big batch for your Memorial Day Weekend celebrations- you’ll be the hit of the party!

Recipe Video: Super Food Green Smoothie with Workout Hotel

I had the pleasure of filming this video with Karen Vizueta of Workout Hotel at the YouTube studios in NYC. Karen is a fantastic workout instructor who teaches some of my favorite workout classes, and has an awesome YouTube channel with videos that are perfect for squeezing in at at home workout. This Super Food Green Smoothie is packed with nutrition, and an excellent way to start your day. Its also toddler friendly, and a great way to sneak a bunch of healthy ingredients into picky kids. Just omit the matcha powder for any little ones- they have enough energy as is!

Mexican Corn & Black Bean Lettuce Wraps with Guacamole

This vegan spin on classic Mexican ingredients tastes every bit as delicious as the traditional chips and dip combination with a double dose of healthy fruit and vegetables. Crunchy and fresh romaine lettuce acts as the perfect scoop for a satisfying blend of protein and fiber-rich beans, sweet corn, hydrating cucumbers, and antioxidant-packed bell peppers and tomatoes. 

The healthy monounsaturated fats in simple guacamole recipe aid your body’s absorption of all the nutrients from the vegetables. Serve any leftovers with rice and grilled vegetables or meat, or layer them between tortillas with cheese for a delicious quesadilla.

Frosted Watermelon Cake {perfect for a 1st birthday party}

Its hard to believe, but our little guy is turning two in a few short months. For Holden’s 1st birthday party last June, I made this Frosted Watermelon Cake. He hadn’t had many sweets at that point, and this worked out to be the perfect first foray into dessert. Super simple to prepare and comprising very few ingredients, this faux cake makes for excellent photos, and you don’t need to feel bad when you dump the remainder after your wild one year old goes to town on it (as they will!). For a dairy free option, you can whip the cream that rises to the top of a can of refrigerated full fat coconut milk. Feel free to decorate with whatever berries or citrus you like, and have some backup cake for the celebrating adults!